Permitted or not, that is the question!

May 15, 2018 by Bobbidill in forum Planning Forum

#584 Bobbidill, 15 May 2018, 20:34

Hi All,

We'd like to make an application for a larger home extension under permitted development, subject to neighbour consultation (our neighbours are all happy with our proposed plan). We propose to add a 3m rear extension to the rear of our house, as shown in the attachment, which when added to the old rear extension would make the 6m total rear extension we're allowed. I'd convinced myself that this would be possible, but I'm now second guessing myself and so I wanted to seek the opinion of those of you who are far more knowledgable than me! My doubts arise as having read the technical guidance again, I'm not certain as to whether our proposed extension contravenes (ja) of the PD technical guidance exclusion criteria, as it would join the original rear extension which is of course joined to the side return extension, thereby making our proposed extension subject to both the rear and side extension PD criteria. This would then make it too wide, as it's more than half the width of the house. I hope that I'm wrong and that our proposed rear extension is just that, as it doesn't touch the side return extension. Thanks for reading!

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