Pizza oven and smoker close to access to our rear gardens

December 29, 2020 by Diana in forum Planning Forum

#868 Diana, 29 December 2020, 13:04

Hi our neighbour has built a domestic pizza oven and separate smoker side on at the bottom of his garden. He has then built a substantial “car port” structure to cover these two ovens. It runs the width of the plot leaving access to his gate. The shallow pitch of the roof is approx 8’ and there are two chimneys which are then approx an additional 3’ above the roof. These ovens and structure are tight up to his rear and side fence on the opposite side to my garden.
A narrow footpath runs along the back of our plots for access. My garden gate is about 4’ from his. The house to the right has to walk past these ovens to his gate, which is inches from the ovens. The neighbour behind is very close. His rear entrance and back door are probably only 3’ away.
Our gardens are about 30 long and about 17’ wide, so not exactly large.
Any idea if this is legal? I assume the structure might be ok. It seems very large to me, as wide as a garage. However the main concern is the ovens, should they be that close to an access path and about 3’ from someone:s kitchen door.
All dimensions are approx as there is no way I can measure.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you.

#869 Damian, 29 December 2020, 18:20

Neither Planning or Building Control would be concerned about the oven and/or smoker. But Planning may be concerned about the carport of which the PD rules are the same as those for an outbuilding...

As for the fire/smoke impact on neighbouring properties, this may be something Environmental Health could be interested in.

#870 Diana, 30 December 2020, 14:05

Thanks very much. Will look at Environmental Health site for our council

#871 Diana, 30 December 2020, 14:37

Thanks very much. Will look at Environmental Health site for our council. Will let my neighbour know as well. She has a toddler and the oven is about 6’ from her back door so she is worried about noxious particles drifting into their house/garden

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