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June 4, 2019 by Teddy G in forum Planning Forum

#644 Teddy G, 4 June 2019, 12:01

A bit of a long back story so please bare with...

We live in a listed building, we erected a garden structure with three open sides and a brick wall at the bottom of our garden, which we were subsequently reported to the council for as it "Fell within the curtilage" of our house.

We were forced to put in a full planning application which was denied, not on the grounds of it falling into our houses curtilage but that of some barns at the side in the neighbours garden, outside of our boundary.

We are at planning appeal stage now, as we have proven that the barns to the side aren't in fact listed, nor do they hold and historical merit. We are awaiting the decision.

My question would be, should we be approved and win the appeal. We are wondering if we should be more ambitious with our plans and maybe make the structure more practical and enclosed?

Would we need to amend the existing plans? Or put in a new application? Or none of the above?

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