Planning application held up due to new flood risk map

January 7, 2021 by Andrew Nicholson in forum Planning Forum

#883 Andrew Nicholson, 7 January 2021, 19:11

My planning application was sent in and accepted back in Oct last year. I chased for a decision this week as well past the 6 week deadline.
Instead of a decision, I have received a demand for new flood risk assessment and surface water mitigation details, because in Nov the flood risk maps were updated and my planned field shelter moved from flood risk zone 2 to 3.
Is this legal.

#884 Damian, 7 January 2021, 20:33

If Planning rules, policies or validation requirements changed after your Planning application was validated, then they should not apply to you or your application. Go back to the Planning department on this basis.

#1020 James Zicrov, 4 June 2021, 04:59

I must say that this post will play a great role and will help when someone wants to sell his home. No doubt that we should keep some important things in mind while planning flood risk to protect from loss.

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