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June 2, 2011 by Gary in forum Planning Forum

#67 Gary, 2 June 2011, 09:29

Me and my partner are looking to the possibility of moving to mainland Spain and building our own home from scratch. Now im new to all this and was wondering if anyone knows if the same rules apply over there for New Build Planning Permission as they are over here? I imagine they are not too dissimilar but maybe someone here has an idea.

Any help would be grately appreciated.

#68 Brian Sewell, 5 June 2011, 20:19


I am certainly not an expert on matters to do with building property in Spain and in all honesty, I would seek professional advice on this matter. There are issues with entering into such a project that include land ownership matters. Before you go down such a route as the old adage goes, "think 3 or 4 times and only cut once". It sounds a really exciting proposition but be warned!

All the best

#108 Catherine, 16 October 2011, 21:56

No its totally different in Spain and even if you follow every rule and regulation in the book other people can lay claim to your property in years to come and win it. Seen a test case on TV and it was shockable, UK couple lost everything on 200 year old papers (ancient site after planning was granted), hire the most expensive and international solicitors you can get, preferable english based so if it all goes wrong you can claim on their insurance for your loss (dont think you can claim on Spanish solicitors).

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