Planning permission for a camera on private land

April 20, 2019 by John Pringle in forum Planning Forum

#634 John Pringle, 20 April 2019, 00:31

I have just had a letter from the local planning department saying I need to apply for permission or take down 3 cameras I have put up.

They are battery operated, about the size of a lemon and only see the land I own, they only activate when motion is detected and to be picked up by them you already have to be trespassing.

1 is on a pole around 10 feet high, the pole is attached to an existing fence post by 3 screws (its actually a TV aerial mast) the other 2 are attached to 2 feet poles which are attached to the side of an existing agricultural building (field shelter) and are perhaps 3 meters from the ground in total.

literally everything I have read states I do not need planning permission, what is going on?

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