Planning Permission for Hand Car Wash

November 2, 2009 by maria pasztor in forum Planning Forum

#14 maria pasztor, 2 November 2009, 15:02

Hello All

I am wondering if you can help me with a very confusing matter ?

Here is an outline of my concerns

I am about to apply to my local council for permission to run a hand car wash and I hear so many horror stories abiut the council refusing permission for so many hand car washes due to poor drainage, noise and traffic nuisance, no provisions in place to recylce water usage - by what means would a person personally be able to recylce their own water usage ? e.t.c

The site has a small building with parking attatched for up to 6 cars. Situation on a mani road but the site is actually 450 yards back from the road - there is no chance of the water esacapting to the road or path. It is not loating next to any schools - however, the main road is a busy one - traffic speed around 30/40mph.

Potential Problem 1: The space where we wash our cars contains one foul drain and two storm drains. The water tends to run into the storm drain instead of the foul drain due to the level of the ground - major problem for council ? The foul drain is covered by a manhole cover with small holes drilled into it - sufficient enough drainage ?

Potential Problem 2: Sometimes we wash the cars on our carpark section where ther is no drain at all - the water simply soaks into the soil ? But the soil is on our land

Potential Problem 3: There is a block of flats located next to us seperated by a 10 ft wall - wall the council send letters to these residents as an option to object against the car wash ?

Potnetial Problem four: Noise generated from our pressure washer and hoover ?

Any kind of advice or tips would be great - I am so new to this proceedure I don't know where to begin.

Thanks in advance

#15 mark andrews, 15 November 2009, 17:34

It appears that you have 3 issues here:-

i) Planning
ii) Environmental Health
iii) Building Control

Without more information on where the proposed business is located, it is very difficult to give any opinion about whether it requires the benefiit of planning permission. This is a matter you should take up with your local planning authority.
The issue of surface water drainage again can be a sensitive issue and I suggest you speak to your local Environmenatal Health Officer first before proceeding with any business proposal. Again, unless you can demonstrate satisfactorily how water can safely disposed of, you may well have a problem I am afraid to say.

#34 jose, 4 June 2010, 01:41

i have been washing car for about 15 years and i want to get location to go do i do it ?

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