Planning permission needed on a slope if replacing existing structure?

February 8, 2022 by Claire surtees in forum Planning Forum

#1217 Claire surtees , 8 February 2022, 20:31

Hi all

Wanting some advice about whether a single storey extension to our detached house would require planning permission.

The house has been built cut into the land. The road at the front is higher than the level of the garden.

The house was originally built with a stone patio along the back which looks out over garden (about 6 steps down). We want to remove a current crappy conservatory, which is less than half the width of the house, and replace with a full width extension 4m in depth. We would be building on the existing stone patio. We imagine we’re going to have to remove the patio completely and rebuild it so it can support any new building on top. We were hoping to have a void under neath the ‘new’ patio for storage.

1. do we need planning permission?
2. Is the plans to have a void underneath/storage just going to complicate planning issues?

Many thanks

#1218 Damian, 8 February 2022, 21:09

A 4m deep single storey rear extension is usually considered PD and providing you meet the other PD criteria. For sloping sites, the height is measured from the highest ground level next to the building.

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