Possible unauthorised development notice

July 1, 2022 by Mark in forum Planning Forum

#1310 Mark, 1 July 2022, 20:40

I have been advised an enforcement officer wants to "clarify" the situation with a visit regarding the building erected in my back garden.
Brief background. I had a garage in the back garden when I bought my house in 1997 (timber frame & asbestos sides and roof) this was taken down circa 2007 due to it deteriorating and in 2017 I rebuilt it using single skin concrete blocks.
I'm not sure as to why they want to visit(other than a sticky beak neighbour) but I was looking for any help if anyone had had a similar experience. It is on the existing concrete base and is more 2 metres from my house. Any ideas please?

#1313 Damian, 3 July 2022, 19:11

What is it being used for?

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