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May 12, 2016 by Tim H in forum Planning Forum

#478 Tim H, 12 May 2016, 10:26

Hi. Can anyone tell me if a principal elevation can change after alteration of a house?The widest part of my house fronts the road and historically the front door was here. The house is around 150 years old. 5 yrs ago we made a "side door" the front door and access it by drive and blocked in old front door. We built a porch around the new front door so that this side of the house looks like front of house. The planners have said this changes the principal elevation to the new front of the house I understood that principal elevation related to the original house as of 1948 and couldn't change even after alterations. My Planning department have agreed that the principal elevation was where the old front door leading to the road was , but following the alterations we made are saying that the principal elevation has now changed. I am particularly interested if anyone know of any cases where LPA have tried to apply for change of principal elevation after alteration and if they were successful in doing so - if possible having details of cases so I can then send this back to my LPA. Many thanks. Tim

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