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April 24, 2015 by Gary in forum Planning Forum

#415 Gary, 24 April 2015, 14:31


My neighbour has decided to build a canopy next door with a punchbag hanging off it at the back of the house. It is a couple / few meters high and about 2 meter square (width & length). It is a Perspex roof with two wooden pillars. The detached house is rent out and the guy often comes back to use the punchbag along with another tenant. The noise can get quite loud although it has only been put up a month or two ago - we haven't heard it when we are outside in the garden and they do not use it at unreasonable hours, it just feels like we cannot relax in our own home. It does not encroach my property, although it does cover two of his doors. The owner is nice enough but not very approachable. Does anyone know if this would require planning permissions or if there is anything else we can do?

Many thanks


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