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June 10, 2018 by PollyM in forum Planning Forum

#587 PollyM, 10 June 2018, 23:25

My neighbours have obtained planning permission (so too late now) for a 2 storey side extension over an existing single storey garage. Their property and ours are both detached houses but there’s only a 1.3 metre gap between our wall and their garage wall which will be the line of the new build. The distance from our outer wall to the boundary is 0.91m and from the boundary to their property only 0.42m. But the planning officer stated there was a 2 metre buffer when granting planning permission! This is Bristol City Council who also stipulate where possible at least a metre should be left from the line of their build to our boundary. We mentioned there was only a 1.3m gap on our objection but this seems to have been ignored. We have submitted a complaint. Have we been wronged here or can Councils approve builds like this because of an existing garage build line?

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