Upper floor side elevation windows

February 19, 2022 by Michael Bell in forum Planning Forum

#1227 Michael Bell, 19 February 2022, 23:49

Hi, the Planning Portal states the following with regard to upper floor side elevation windows:
"If new windows are in an upper-floor side elevation they must be obscure-glazed and either non opening or more than 1.7 metres above the floor level."
Just so I'm clear, does this mean that if part of a window is opening and part is not, that only the part that is opening needs to be above the 1.7m or that all of the window needs to be above 1.7m even if only part of it is opening? Thanks in advance.

#1228 Damian, 20 February 2022, 15:10

It only refers to the opening part so you end up having a fanlight/top light window.

As a side note, if this window serves a Bedroom, then you’d need to consider a protected escape route as the PD rule would not comply with Building Regulations.

#1306 John Richardson, 22 June 2022, 21:35

New first floor side window.
If the window looks into a habital room or permits overlooking or loss of privacy. No problem if its under the Planning Department of Thanet District Council. Make sure you get Case Officer J. Suttle she makes a good case for acceptance being extremely ecconomical with the truth

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