Withdraw or get my application refused

July 29, 2021 by Harry Roberts in forum Planning Forum

#1045 Harry Roberts, 29 July 2021, 11:18

I have submitted an application and I have been informally told that it is likely to be refused.

I now have a choice of withdrawing or waiting for a formal refusal. If I wait for the refusal I will at least have the particular reasons for the refusal.

I do not want to appeal this refusal.

I will be resubmitting my modified application. If this second application is refused then I will appeal. At that point the appeal inspector will see the refusal reasons for the second application and if the first application was formally refused they will also see the first application's refusal report. However, if I withdraw now and resubmit then the appeal inspector will not see any report from the first application.
Has anyone have any advice about which route to take.

Thank you.

#1047 Damian, 29 July 2021, 22:03

I used to go down the route of withdrawals but for the money paid and time taken, I’ve always choose to receive a refusal.

However, if you feel the first and due to be refused application is not something you’re interested in or pursuing, then you may as well look to withdraw it.

With an Appeal, the Inspector should only consider that and not any previous applications, especially if the proposals are (slightly) different.

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