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With house prices as unpredictable as the current climate, many of us are in the vexed position of not knowing whether to move or improve our homes by converting or adding an extension for example. We at DoINeedPlanningPermission.co.uk have linked up with one of the largest Estate Agency Groups in the country SEQUENCE HOMES who can help you make an informed decision. Even if you decide not to move, you'll have become better equipped by talking to the property experts who understand your local market conditions through over 530 branches. Please look to the right hand column on this page to identify and click on your local branch.

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If you decide to stay, the following 5 steps should help guide you through any improvement project you may have in mind.

Start by looking at all of the options for your particular house type, from extending up, out or down to changing the existing room plan. Then decide which option best meets the needs of your household and your available budget. Bear in mind that even if your extension adds less to the value of the home than what it costs, providing it gives you the space you need when moving is not a real option. Above all, please remember that we have been through property slumps before and any kind of improvement work you carry out will offer you the potential edge when you do finally come to sell and in the meantime, provides improved accommodation levels.

Five steps to increasing living space:-

  1. Establish your budget; to help you with this, why not visit the extension calculator located on the www.doineedplanningpermission.co.uk website? This will give you a rough estimate of anticipated costs.
  2. Understand your property works for you; for example, would a single ground floor space be more beneficial when compared to 2 reception rooms?
  3. Identify potential constraints; any works you carry out to a listed building will require consent and will have to be carried out in a way which respects the existing fabric of the building. If your house has been the subject of previous extensions, this may constrain what further building works you may be able to carry out. If the latter is the case, don’t dismay, as remodelling the internal layout may be the solution.
  4. Consider the potential options your house offers; for example, terraced properties offer considerable opportunity for remodelling and semi-detached properties offer opportunity for loft conversions.
  5. Think garden; if you are lucky enough to live in a house with a large garden, why not erect a garden room?

For many of us, we enjoy where we live but are forced to move because our families have outgrown our present homes. Before you consider moving, re-evaluate your present home and who knows...

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