The Importance of High Quality Flooring

November 27, 2012

Whether you plan to sell a property in the near future or simply want to renovate your home to make it a more luxurious space, comfort should be a prominent feature from floor to ceiling in every room. One feature that rarely requires attention, but also subconsciously plays a massive role in the style of a room is the floor.

Choosing the right flooring for each room is underrated and often completely disregarded, with home owners choosing the lay down the first carpet or laminate they come across at the lowest price. Unfortunately, this often results in the requirement for on-going repairs and maintenance, later leading to the flooring having to be replaced much sooner than usual.

Quality Costs

As much as you we would love to be able to save money on new flooring, it simply is not the place to sacrifice quality. Whether you're opting for tiling, carpet or laminate flooring, it is more than likely going to be in place for a considerable length of time, and should therefore co-ordinate with any style you choose to throw at it.

Tiling vs. Carpet

Obviously which ever you choose will depend on the circumstances of the room you plan to fit them into. Tiling in a bedroom for example may not always be suitable; however areas that experience a considerable amount of moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens would benefit more from tiling. For rooms in between such as living rooms and corridors, here's a breakdown of what each flooring type has to offer:

Tiling Pros

  • Tiled flooringStylish and Attractive: Tiling adds undeniable class and a sense of luxury to every room in which it is installed. Available in a massive range of materials, styles and finishes, the world of tiling is your oyster, allowing you to create any style you desire.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Materials such as tumbled travertine are made from natural materials with a minimal manufacturing process, allowing it to portray their sense of nature around the home, as well as adding a touch of luxurious Roman style.

Tiling Cons

  • Expensive Costs: As expected, when it comes to tiling you have to pay a little extra than low budget alternatives. Prices often depend on which material you desire and of course how much you require.
  • On-Going Maintenance: In order for your tiling to remain stylish, grouting will need to be applied correctly and also cleaned and maintained when it begins to look a little tired. To get the best out of your tiles, it's also recommended that they are cleaned at regular intervals.

Carpet Pros

  • CarpetMassive Variety: Carpet is available in a massive range of styles and colours, ranging in quality to suit every budget. With such a wide variety available, interior spaces can be customised easily.
  • Affordable: A much cheaper alternative that tiles, carpet has a much more budget friendly price tag. The price will usually depend on what sort of quality you're looking for, with the superior possessing the higher price tag.

Carpet Cons

  • Stains and Dirt: Unlike tiling, carpets are prone to picking up dirt and incurring damage if they are overused. Disliking moisture and being much harder to clean, many people instead opt for tiles for the particularly busy areas in the home.
  • Damage Control: Carpets don't offer the same resilience that tiling does, often incurring damage from general day to day use. Heavy duty carpets can be purchased, however this may mean you have to sacrifice a bit more money and style.

The type of flooring you choose will depend on the circumstance of the particular room, however if you find yourself torn between carpet and tile, consider which will last the test of time and continue to look stylish.

Travertine Direct provides an extensive range of high quality tiles at affordable prices. Choose from a range of travertine, porcelain and natural stone tiles.

Photo Credits: Marie LL & Sekhmet1776

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