Preventing Property Degradation with Wall Protection Systems

November 29, 2012

Wall Protection System

When it comes to selling your property there are several things to consider with one of the more important aspects is the condition of the décor. For this reason, many property owners, regardless of whether it is commercial or residential choose to install a wall protection system to give the interior a much-needed fresh lease of life.


A protection system usually consists of wall panelling, corner trims, hand rails and bump rails depending on how much traffic or usage it is likely to receive. Supermarkets and commercial properties will usually require a considerable amount of protection due to their heavy volumes of usage; whereas residential properties may instead be looking at some wall panelling and the occasional corner trim on particularly busy areas.

Wall panelling and protection systems can be used in more areas that you might initially imagine. For example, they are a prominent feature of leisure centres, sports facilities, schools, hotel and a variety of other popular public areas. This is because they create an incredibly clean and hygienic atmosphere, making it attractive to visitors and/or potential buyers of your property.


Regardless of whether or not you want to sell up and move on or alternatively are just looking to add some fresh style to your surroundings, a wall panelling system has a great deal of benefits. Not only can it be customised to suit virtually any space, it is also incredibly durable and easy to clean. This of course makes it a popular option for medical environments such as hospitals and clinics that require a clean and safe décor.

Wall protection systems are also an excellent alternative to wall paper or bare walls as they are both attractive and easy to maintain. Gone are the days of maintaining never ending scuffs and marks along your carefully decorated interior, the true beauty of a protection system is that it is incredibly durable, and can usually be wiped clean should scuffs or marks appear.

Available in a massive range of colours, textures and even densities to suit every property and budget, a good protection system is becoming essential to an increasing amount of both commercial and residential properties, whether it is to increase the value of a property in preparation for a sale or alternatively to carry out a major renovation.

Yeoman Shield provides high quality wall protection systems that can be customised to suit every property perfectly. With an extensive range of wall panelling, hand rails and door plates for an extensive protection system, Yeoman Shield can transform your décor for an affordable price.

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