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Kitchen Design Through The Ages (2 Comments)

20 March 2013

We've come a long way from holding a bit of something on a stick over a fire to cook. Now, we're sophisticated, demanding chefs who want the latest gadgets, gizmos and time-saving devices to help us rustle up something special for supper. This article strolls through a short history of kitchen design, and includes what's hot now, and what's changed over the years. Early years The earliest integrated... Continue reading Kitchen Design Through The Ages

10 Top Tips for a Successful Kitchen Design Makeover (3 Comments)

11 March 2013

Are finances a little tight? Would you like all the glamour of a completely redesigned and gorgeous-looking kitchen, but finances won't stretch to a complete remodel? Well, now with some fantastic alternatives you can get a brand new look for less. We've gathered together our top 10 tips for improving the design of your current kitchen on a budget. Refurbishing what you already have will cost a fraction... Continue reading 10 Top Tips for a Successful Kitchen Design Makeover

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