10 Top Tips for a Successful Kitchen Design Makeover

March 11, 2013

Are finances a little tight? Would you like all the glamour of a completely redesigned and gorgeous-looking kitchen, but finances won't stretch to a complete remodel? Well, now with some fantastic alternatives you can get a brand new look for less. We've gathered together our top 10 tips for improving the design of your current kitchen on a budget. Refurbishing what you already have will cost a fraction of the money, time and upheaval it would take to fit an entirely new kitchen. So read on to see if a kitchen refurbishment might suit you better...

1. Cupboard door overhaul

Cupboard doors and drawer fronts are the first places you'll notice wear and tear in your kitchen. Rather than ripping out the whole kitchen, when the cabinets themselves are still in good condition, why not simply replace the cupboard doors? How about solid wood doors, painted or natural, for a contemporary country kitchen? Or go for quality laminate or gloss doors for a sleek modern look.

2. Design Accessories

Old-fashioned door and drawer handles can really age your kitchen. Handles are more than just functional; they can be highly decorative too. From stainless steel to pretty wooden knobs, updating the door handles is a quick and simple way to improve your kitchen.

3. Your kitchen's canvas

No kitchen is going to look its best when there's a backdrop of stained paintwork, or worse - a greasy ceiling. Start afresh with a thorough paint job. Perhaps a different colour, or textured paint will bring a new lease of life to your kitchen.

4. Cooks love an island!

An island unit will provide a focal point to the room, extra work surface space, and storage below. Family and friends can perch around it to chat, making the kitchen a more sociable space.

5. More floor

Kitchen floors see a lot of action. Revamping the floor can be very simple and inexpensive. Vinyl flooring is brilliant: it's hardwearing and cheap and comes in a variety of colourful designs.

6. Kitchen Flotsam: What doesn't belong?

Are you ever frustrated that there seems to be nowhere to put anything? Paperwork, magazines and handbags are just some of the things that end up lurking in the kitchen. Clear clutter away to its proper home, and your kitchen will seem more spacious, well organised and calm.

7. Stylish tiles

Who remembers the fruity kitchen tiles from the 90s? Not a good look these days, and replacing tiles and splashbacks in a kitchen can bring it right up to date. Think about a coloured glass or stainless steel splashback, how chic!

8. Worktop workout

Older worktops show their age – and can start to harbour germs and bacteria too. Battered Formica and patchy laminate can be banished with the simple addition of a new worktop. Choose from gorgeous granite, wood or slate effect laminate, or choose the real thing for untold luxury.

9. Lighten up

Dingy or too bright lighting in a kitchen is one change that can make a huge difference. A new pendant over an island unit or under-cupboard lighting can change the mood and function of your kitchen lighting dramatically.

10. Accessories

Toasters, kettles, and bins are often on permanent display in a busy kitchen. Make sure yours look great with retro designs, bright colours or elegant stainless steel to suit your style.

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4/4/2013 12:59:04 PM, Kitchen Extensions says:

Nice Article. Cool tips for a great kitchen makeover. Thanks

4/10/2013 2:37:13 PM, nolte kitchens says:

Your stuff is great! I hope you will keep post like this… a very nice article. Keep post… good work...

6/5/2013 7:19:31 AM, Nobilia Kitchens says:

nice tips. expect more posts like this from you.

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