Burglary Hotspots Around The UK

February 18, 2013

The infographic below details the top ten worst areas for burglaries according to MoneySupermarket.com.

Based on 3.5 million house insurance claims, the comparison website found that the LS13 area in Leeds topped the list with 34.8 theft claims per 1000 enquires.

London postcodes make up half of the top ten with postcode areas N12, RM3, SW12, UB3 and SE22 taking up the third, fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth spots respectively.

It's not all bad news though, also highlighted are the top ten areas with no burglary claims, such as Swansea, Devon, Cornwall and Fife.

Unfortunately for those living in the worst affected areas, home insurance expert Hannah Jones commented "Areas affected by higher rates of burglary insurance claims will see their premiums impacted - increasing by a fifth on average."

There are some handy tips on the infographic that detail ways in which to protect your home from burglars and in some cases they could reduce your home insurance premiums.

Top 10 UK Burglary Claims Hotspots

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